Integrating freelancers into your creative ops strategy.

The thought of Creative Ops seems to be gathering momentum – with creative businesses across the world looking to increase their efficiency, productivity and margins. With Heads of Creative Operations brought in to assist Creative Directors, businesses are understanding the value of having an individual focus solely on these tasks.  From introducing project planning software, defining processes for asset delivery to time and resource allocation; anything to do with process and refining workflows is in the realm of creative operations.

Unsurprisingly, the percentage of a business’s workforce made up of freelancers is increasing all the time. Not only do they help you become more agile but they bring fresh thoughts, ideas and specialised skills into your full time workforce. To start thinking about integrating freelancers into your creative ops, you need to think about collecting, organising and collaborating with those freelancers; or to summarise, building a freelance talent pipeline.

Where does a freelance talent pipeline sit in a creative ops strategy? 

When it comes to workforce management, a freelance talent pipeline comes into play when the resources needed to fulfil your workload is more than the people you have in your organisation, leading to a talent shortfall. To address this shortfall you use a freelance talent pipeline to select pre-vetted talent to work with.

Understanding your future requirements and building a pipeline to fulfil that should be a monthly, if you’re a small business, or weekly endeavour, if you’re larger. You need to find highly talented, creative individuals that have the skill and experience to work well within your organisation before you need them, so you’re not caught short when the time comes.

How do you build a freelance talent pipeline that meets your needs? 

Building a freelance talent pipeline that meets your needs starts with understanding what your needs are, the skills requirements that your business has and the work that your clients often want you to work produce. You can then assess what freelancers you need to gather to fulfil those requirements as you scale and they go beyond what you can regularly complete.

You need to work out where your freelancers are, do they live on LinkedIn? Facebook? Or are they coming to you through your website? This will help you with how best to collect their information in a convenient way. You need a method of collection that allows you to easily reference, search and reach out to them when you need to.

Using your pipeline across your team.

Your method of collection should account for other members of your team having access to the freelancers. You should be able to see a freelancers project history, add notes and share important information. Your team should also have as much access to book the freelancers as you do. Using a system that integrates across your team will give your freelancers a more consistent, trusted view of you and your organisation.

That’s how to integrate freelancers into your creative ops strategy, getting started can seem daunting but once your pipeline is up and bringing in freelancers you set yourself up for a win. If you’re interested in learning the exact strategies to collect freelancers, read the article here.

Saturday, 20th April '19 @ 10:10pm