Making a freelance talent pipeline work for you.

If you know what a freelance talent pipeline is and how it can benefit you, if you don’t yet, read our article here, but you’re not sure on the exact strategies you can use to get the most out of it, this is for you. Implementing the following strategies will add a lot of strength and reliability to your pipeline and help you maximise its impact on your creative ops.

  1. Understand how many freelancers you need

You can understand your needs by looking retrospectively at how you many freelancers you hired in the last six months to a year. Not only looking at the number but what they did and the skills they brought to your workforce will help you form an accurate picture of your organisational needs. Take this data and look forward to the next six months, what projects have you got coming in? What area are you seeing the most growth? Understanding this information will help you gather a rough estimate of how many freelancers you’ll need to fulfil the workload.

  1. Understand your timeframe

How quickly do you need your freelancers, and how many? Once you understand your timeframe you know the urgency of your acquisition. For urgent needs we recommend creating a project on Rightlance straight away, this will give you access to share a project role link out to your network that Rightlance can use to filter the best applicants for you.

Otherwise, we recommend using the landing page feature – posting a link out to your landing page on social media and your website. This creates a constant flow of freelancers into your pipeline. We send you weekly analytic email to keep you informed of numbers of freelancers coming through.

  1. Be adaptable

When you’re building a freelance talent pipeline adaptability is key – it should be able to scale as your organisational needs change. You can account for this by continually adding new freelancers to your pipeline before you need them and by being continually aware of your needs.


Building a freelance talent pipeline can seem daunting, but with the right tools, it can pay dividends and is easily achievable.

Saturday, 20th April '19 @ 10:09pm